What is the cost of using Språkbilder?

Price List Språkbilder 2022-2023

Our vision is that the price should never stop a school or a student who can develop individually by using our material. Therefore, always contact us if you are interested.

Prices below are rent per year. Normally the agreement is signed for 1 year and is extended annually. The rent gives you the right to use all the pictures in the archive at your workplace, at home and at home with pupils/patients and to have access to new material that is produced on a continuous basis. No local installation is required, and the service is so easy to use, so usually no training will be added.


1-5 computers: 150 Pounds per year

6-10 computers: 250 Pounds per year

If you want to leave material behind in schools etc., there will be an extra charge depending on the extent, example speech therapists visiting many schools.

If you are scattered in several offices, there will also be an additional charge

Price for Parents 50 Pounds per year + VAT