Språkbilder: An Internet-based learning tool

Språkbilder is an Internet-based learning tool to support language and speech development

Språkbilder consist of just over 3.800 images and 36 templates to print the images in. The images are adapted to children and adolescents. They are available in color, black/white contour images as well as with and without text.

The images clearly show the linguistic element. The material includes different levels of difficulty, ranging from individual words, pronunciation and oral motor skills up to sentences of 6-7 words with related basic grammar.

With Språkbilder, language understanding is trained, and the language is actively used. Språkbilder is easy to use. You watch the educational videos, and then you can use language images.

We have several hundred customers in Sweden and in northern Europe, usually hospitals, schools, habilitation centres, speech therapist clinics and parents. Welcome you too!